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About Us

Shop Noble animated logo created and donated by Midwest Film Factory Inc., a proud Noble County small business.

Locally owned small businesses shape the very character of Noble County, a region that is extraordinary for being home to six incorporated towns and cities, 117 lakes, and five chambers of commerce.

SHOPNoble blurs the lines by bringing together small businesses from all across the county including home-based and gig-businesses. SHOPNoble helps consumers find opportunities to enjoy unique, locally owned restaurants, entertainment venues, artisans, services, and more!

SHOPNoble is a free-to-use website and countywide directory launched by Be Noble Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and Noble County's only exclusively-focused economic development team. SHOPNoble is here to deliver free resources to aid locally owned small businesses and help consumers "shop local".

SHOPNoble believes that by providing a countywide platform that brings together all locally owned and operated small businesses, including places to eat and drink, shop, and hire services, more relationships will grow, businesses will become more resilient, and the county will thrive! We recognize that most businesses offer services to consumers outside of the boundaries of their own community.

SHOPNoble is focused on three specific objectives:

  1. Provide a free online platform for small businesses to communicate what they have to offer and where and how to get it;

  2. Provide small businesses a library of curated resources to help enhance sustainability and performance;

  3. Provide consumers a free online business directory and a community gift card program to keep their dollars local and boost Noble County's economy.

When you shop local, dollars stay local. Local businesses make up eight of every 10 establishments in Noble County and have a direct impact on community wealth, tax revenues, and quality of life.

Buying local means more jobs and better wages. Finding a slightly lower price online or out of town might save a little money today, but the lost opportunity to invest locally can have a much higher price down the road when the local economy fails to thrive. When that happens, small towns become ghost towns.  

All Noble County-based small businesses (fewer than 25 employees) are invited to participate in this platform, at no charge. Those who accept credit cards already are automatically included in the Physical Community Gift Card program. Those wishing to also accept e-Gifts are welcomed to join the Be Noble e-gift community card network as well. There is no charge to merchants to participate in these SHOPNoble initiatives.  

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Noble County's five chambers of commerce serve individual communities across the county and offer a 5-county join chamber membership discount. Member benefits vary by organization.

Visit Noble County promotes sites and services especially of interest to those visiting Noble County as guests and tourists.

Click on any logo below to learn more about these Noble County small business supporting organizations:

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